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Monday, October 08, 2007

Recently after more than 10 professional wrestlers were suspended by the WWE for anabolic steroids use and the Chris Benoit's case, wrestling is in hot water.

When it comes to professional wrestlers, you usualy don’t consider them as being very clever or articulate. However, if you think that professional wrestlers are just a bunch of mad, dumb meatheads you would be totally wrong! Recently, some wrestlers appeared on Fox News’ hit show "Hannity and Colmes" proved this point as they debated over the issue of steroids in the WWE.

The first interview involved the Ultimate Warrior. The interview was light-hearted at first and when Warrior was asked about rampant steroid use in the industry he said, “Oh, steroids are used throughout the industry all the way through. I mean it’s easier to say, or point out the number of guys who aren’t doing steroids than those that are.”

Hannity also asked Warrior if he used steroids and he readily admitted that he had used them throughout his career. However, the interview got ugly when Hannity started asking him about roid rage. Before Ultimate Warrior got pissed, he managed to express that, “Roid rage for me is a pie in the sky theory that’s thought up by people who have no business discussing the frame of mind of an elite physical athlete.”

You can watch the whole interview here:

As you can see in this interview, Warrior started getting louder when Hannity said any use is abuse and insinuated that steroids played a huge role in Chris Benoit killing his family. Alan Colmes then jumped in to calm him down and ask him about why he thinks 60 pro wrestlers under the age of 45 have died in the last 10 years. That’s when Warrior gave his best quote of the interview.

He said, “Look, those other guys in the industry, it gets back to the difference between there being use and abuse. Those guys were rotten on the inside (took lots of other drugs besides steroids). I would use this illustration... Look at guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Dave Draper, all of the classic bodybuilders. Those guys took steroids and they’re still alive.”

Probably the most insightful interview on the subject of pro wrestling and steroids came when Hannity and Colmes interviewed another wrestler by the name of Kevin “Big Sexy” Nash. The interview started out with Alan Colmes asking Nash if he had ever seen roid rage to which Kevin responded, “I myself have never witnessed roid rage.” He went on to expand on that by saying he had taken steroids and never experienced it either.

When asked about the Chris Benoit deal he said, “The thing that I’m really curious of is they say that alcohol was found on the scene and I guess that’s just not sexy enough for the media.” He also added that there is lots of misinformation about steroids out there and that way more people are in penitentiaries for violent crimes concerning alcohol than for steroids.

Apparently, the interview wasn’t exciting enough for reporter Karen Hanretty as she jumped in and started causing trouble immediately. The climax came when she told Nash that, “as you sit here and deny that you’ve never seen any kind of roid rage, which also seems to stretch credibility.”

Nash put her in her place by asking her, “Have you ever taken steroids?”, to which she responded “no”. Then Nash said, “I’m saying I’ve taken them, and you’re denying my credibility. I know that’s not what you wanna hear.”

After seeing the Nash interview, it was nice to hear someone intelligently defend legitimate steroid usage and dispel the rumors about the so-called roid rage that the media obsesses over. I’d highly recommend watching all these interviews as they are very entertaining.

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posted by Frank Mori, Monday, October 08, 2007