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Anabolic Steroids Experiences

Anabolic steroids & bodybuilding experiences

Bodytype Determines Steroid Cycles & Gains

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Body types determine your steroids gains & should determine your tye of cycle.

Genetics determine largely how many androgen receptors you have, but the difference is not going to account for the varying results that people see from steroids. There are too many unknown factors. Still, I assure you, Lee Priest will get more results from a moderate cycle (like he claims to use) then most of us will. But lets be real…if you are a bodybuilder your goal is to look the best you can, carry the most muscle with least fat. We all know that the basic body types (ecto,meso,endo-morph) are not entirely accurate, but lets use them as a general guidelines. Ectomorphs are going to be naturally lean…therefore your primary cycles should be heavy bulking cycles were you eat like shit. After the cycle you are going to lean out naturally.

I have Ectomorph friends who don't want to eat Burger King because they don't want to get a gut. Fuck that. If you have never been fat its unlikely that you can even get fat. Mesomorphs are just genetic bastards and should be shot…they can get away with murder when on steroids. Their cycles are going to be the most effective. Endomorphs are capable of making tremendous size gains on cycles but are not going to stay as lean, even though steroids do tend to "lean" you out. Therefore, it is my recommendation that an endomorph use primarily cutting type cycles where the steroids prevent muscle wasting while stored body-fat is removed. Not to say that endomorphs should never bulk up, but you will look better at 220 with 10 percent body fat then you will at 255 with 17 percent body fat. A good rule is never to go above about 12 percent body fat except in the rarest of circumstances. Lastly there is information that suggests that endomorphs may be more insulin-resistant. Therefore, they should probably avoid the use of insulin while ectomorphs will see more gains from proper insulin use.
posted by Frank Mori, Sunday, November 20, 2005