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Anabolic Steroids Experiences

Anabolic steroids & bodybuilding experiences

Milos Sarcev Burned

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Milos Sarcev Official Site

"I am OK, recovering in “The Arizona Burn Center” at Maricopa Medical Center in Phoenix – one of the top three burn centers in the World.
After all, I was lucky that I had this kind of accident while filming in Phoenix (C.J.S Studios) and not somewhere else in the US or world!
Doctor Daniel M.Caruso, MD, FACS, co-director of Arizona Burn Center and doctor
Marc Matthews, MD associate medical director a personally taking care of me!
I must admit that I was scared and concerned in the beginning…but soon I realized that “my own” doctors (along with the third member of the group – doctor Kevin N. Foster) are leading experts, researchers and true heroes who devoted their life to help, accommodate and care for the burn victims.
As I became burn patient myself - admitted to Arizona Center 0n 06/20/04 for severe deep 2nd and 3rd degree burns to my face, neck, chest, back, both hands and forearms I leaned about (what I now consider) most horrifying injury!
In just short 4 days in Center I had a pleasure and honor to meet my new heroes – complete burn team here in Maricopa and some of the patients - especially my dear little friend Goivana Casilla, 8 years old beauty that suffered third degree burns over 95 % of her body!
After 2 years of continuous surgeries she became inspiration to everyone in the center – medical personal, doctors and patients.

She was first to come to see a “big guy with a little burns” and comfort me as she smilingly compared her scars with mine.

I would be here for the next two weeks, but I can already tell you – I would spend lifetime helping all supporting programs for the fire victims and anything that Maricopa Burn Center is involved in – now, they are my family!"
posted by Frank Mori, Wednesday, June 30, 2004